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We’ve gathered together all the useful government motoring related links you are likely to need or find useful - whether it’s about learning to drive or ride, staying safe on the roads or keeping legal, the link you need should be listed below - if not contact us and we’ll find it for you!

Motoring - www.direct.gov.uk/motoring - information,
transactions, services, interactive tools, forms and
leaflets about:
o driver licensing
o learner and new drivers
o buying and selling a vehicle
o owning a vehicle
o personalised registration and number plates
o road safety
o vehicle crime

Book your theory and practical tests online - www.direct.gov.uk/drivingtest - the quickest and easiest way to book a car or motorcycle driving test is to use DSA’s online booking service

Find your nearest - www.direct.gov.uk/motoringnearest - find the address for your nearest:
o driving test centre
o theory test centre
o approved training body (ATB)
o register of post-test motorcycle trainer (RPMT)
o official register of driving instructor training (Ordit) trainer

Forms - www.direct.gov.uk/motoringforms - motoring forms relating to driving tests, driver licensing, vehicle registration, vehicle taxation and more

Leaflets - www.direct.gov.uk/motoringleaflets - motoring leaflets relating to driving tests, driver licensing, vehicle registration, vehicle taxation and more

Transactions and services - www.direct.gov.uk/motoringonline - transactions, services, interactive tools, forms and leaflets

Driving Standards Agency links and information

www.direct.gov.uk/arrivealive - About the Arrive Alive Classic Scheme
www.direct.gov.uk/cbt - About Compulsory Basic Training (motorcycles)
www.direct.gov.uk/driversrecord - Preparing for your driving test - The Driver’s Record
www.direct.gov.uk/driving - Driver licensing
www.direct.gov.uk/drivingtest - Book your theory and practical tests online
www.direct.gov.uk/drivingtestfees - Driving test fees
www.direct.gov.uk/ecosafedriving - Eco-safe driving and riding
www.direct.gov.uk/ers - Enhanced Rider Scheme
www.direct.gov.uk/highwaycode - The Highway Code
www.direct.gov.uk/learnerdrivers - Learner and new drivers
www.direct.gov.uk/learning2drive - Learner and new drivers
www.direct.gov.uk/motorcycletest - Motorcycle practical test explained
www.direct.gov.uk/motoring - Motoring
www.direct.gov.uk/motoringforms - Motoring forms
www.direct.gov.uk/motoringleaflets - Motoring leaflets
www.direct.gov.uk/motoringnearest - Find your nearest
www.direct.gov.uk/motoringonline - Motoring transactions and services
www.direct.gov.uk/motoringpublications - TSO online bookshop for DSA
www.direct.gov.uk/newmotorcycletest - Motorcycle practical test explained
www.direct.gov.uk/passplus - About Pass Plus
www.direct.gov.uk/roadsafety - Road safety
www.direct.gov.uk/theorytest - Theory test
www.direct.gov.uk/traffic - Find information on traffic & road congestion across the UK