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Jason is a fantastic driving instructor. From the start he was very welcoming and extremely patient. I progressed very quickly with his help and I would more than happily recommend him as a very professional, knowledgeable and friendly instructor. I am now very confident about driving and I am over the moon at having passed my test. Many thanks, Gary

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What is advanced driving?

Advanced driving can be whatever you want it to be,  it can certainly include all of the skills above - all at the same time!

Drivers approach us about improved driving skills for all sorts of reasons - maybe an incident has prompted you to brush up on your skills, maybe high fuel costs mean you would like to save money, perhaps you have not driven for a while and need to refresh your skills or maybe points on your licence have forced a reassessment. Whatever the reason, we can tailor a course to suit your needs.

Contact us to discuss the options…

Pass Plus

Motorway lessons

Refresher courses

Parking lessons

Fantastic, you’ve passed!

But although you have reached a standard where can drive on your own, there will be many situations you have not yet faced, and skills that you can still learn and develop to become an even better driver.

You might be getting your own car, giving you greater independence. But this comes at a cost, and for new drivers, the price of insurance can be sky high. Statistics show that new drivers are more likely to have an accident in the first two years of passing their test than at any other time in their driving career.

Age doesn’t matter – it’s basically down to a lack of driving experience.

That’s where PASS PLUS comes in!

With modules covering Town driving, All-weather driving, Driving out of town, Night driving, Driving on dual carriageways and Driving on Motorways, you’ll soon be safer and more confident.

What’s more, this may entitle you to a discount off your car insurance. *

NOTE: You can take the Pass Plus course at any time in your driving career, but it is mainly aimed at new drivers in the first year after passing their test – if you passed your test more than a year ago, you should check with participating insurers whether you’ll be eligible for discounts before taking the course.

Motorways are different to any other roads you drive on, and if you’ve recently passed your test you may never have experienced them first hand.

Statistically, motorways are among the safer roads to drive on, but with vehicles travelling at high speeds it is vital that you know how to tackle them.

Covering the theory, and followed by one or more practical sessions, we’ll soon have you up to speed!

Not driven for a while, or maybe passed your test many years ago?

Had a bad experience and need to regain your confidence?

Want to feel safer on the roads or reduce your fuel bill.

Today’s demanding traffic and more recent features on our roads may leave you feeling like a ‘fish out of water’.

Don’t worry, our patient tuition and gentle guidance will soon build your confidence up until you’re feeling more self-assured behind the wheel.

Can’t park ? Won’t park?

A couple of hours with one of our instructors will soon change that...

Parking has only become a feature of our driving test fairly recently, so many people have never learnt to park properly and, coupled with our increasingly crowded roads and car parks, many people have come to dread trying to park.

And think of the cost of those little dents and scratches, whether of your own making or another selfish driver, there are ways to reduce the risk.

The solution?

Once we show you how to park, followed by some practice with gentle guidance, you’ll soon be able to park safely and confidently wherever you go.

And if you don’t want your family and neighbours to know, we can be very discreet!

Hourly lessons for those who already hold a full licence -

£100 per 2 hour lesson

Pass Plus courses £360 - minimum 6 hours tuition + certificate on successful completion